HRS Connect v1.5


HRS Connect v1.5

Our best release to date with over 49 items including a world exclusive from Marlowe & Goodwin plus general user enhancements. Watch the movies below in your own time and give us a call for a personal demonstration when you’re ready to make a positive change to your business.


Email Marketing Campaigns

The world’s most popular simple email marketing software is now built into HRS. MailChimp gives you a number of easy options for designing, sending and saving templates of your emails.


Vendor Management – Client Web Portal

Give your clients browser access to the jobs you are working on with them. Here they can view all workflow items, including all the candidates sent without searching through months of their email history. Here they can also create new jobs.


Electronic Document Signing

With faxes barely in existence and emailing contracts becoming obsolete, we’ve introduced electronic document signing to HRS Connect simplifying the signing of any documents.


Indeed Candidate Sourcing

Search millions of CVs for FREE. Find candidates across every industry and location using Indeed CV, a talent database with more than 70 million CVs and parse those CVs into HRS.


Job Analyser from Marlowe

The job analyser from Marlowe helps the recruiter at the final stage of choosing which candidate is the best fit out of a list of suitable candidates, to send to their client. Marlowe will do it all for you.




 Awesome Jobs – with Marlowe & Goodwin

The new jobs creation tool in HRS Connect v1.5 will help you create the perfect job spec, and analyse long & shortlisted candidates using complex analytics gathered from social media.


For Executive Search Firms

Executive search firms work slightly differently to contingency recruiters. With v1.5 you can now create research lists, manage retainer invoices and visualise company organisation charts and manage groups of people you’ve networked together.


Email Integration – IMAP sync

Sending emails now sync to your sent items better than ever before. Send an email from HRS and it’ll appear in your Outlook sent items instantly. Audit trails are now even easier to follow.


Simple & Easy Networking

Now when you go to an event, it is possible to easily link all your contacts together. Create network groups, view colleagues or simply just link two people together just because you want to.


Dynamic Reports

We have a number of built-in reports in HRS Connect and a dynamic reporting section that allows users to create their own reports. With V1.5 you can now save and retrieve reports, adding multiple filters.


Boolean Searching

Being able to find whatever you want in any field in any part of your database is now even easier with the new Boolean search in HRS. Search criteria can now be saved and retrieved instantly.


VOIP, SMS & Skype – simple comms

New and improved Skype call outs, joins the addition of VOIP calls using X-Lite, the softphone application for VOIP. Now you can click on an icon next to the phone field and make calls, or send & receive SMS messages instantly.


Candidates – CV Parsing, CV Generator, 

Our improved CV Parsing allows users to parse candidate CVs from your desktop or directly from incoming emails. Information such as phone, email, address, history, & skills are parsed instantly,


Logic Melon

Logic Melon is one of the leading job board aggregators and HRS Connect’s built-in wizard allows you to integrate directly, posting jobs to your preferred job boards and receiving applications.



The Administration section in HRS Connect is bursting with features from setting up emails; managing consultants, templates, skills tags, dropdowns, cv covers, email documents, and more.


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