We recently sent out a newsletter outlining the concerns recruiters should have regarding GDPR, which we hope you received. Our GDPR release of HRS Connect will help our clients become more compliant with the GDPR regulations coming into effect this May. Below are some of the features being introduced in the next version of HRS Connect, due for release this March.


HRS Connect – GDPR  Features!

Email data cleansing (the only paid feature in this release)  –

  • We will cleanse the email addresses of all your contacts and candidates, letting you know which email addresses are no longer in use.

Candidate Online Portal

  • An online portal for candidates to view, edit and manage their own personal details and, more importantly, authorise approval of data usage.
  • A link to the portal will be provided through merge tags which means you will be able to send a marketing email to all your candidates providing them with a unique portal where all their data can be managed.

Candidate pdf Export Report

  • Should a candidate call and request to see all the data held against their record, there will be a button that consultants can press that will produce a PDF summary of that candidate’s record, including phone, email, postal address, recent history, documents stored and any job activities. Each company will have the ability to specify what additional fields they wish exported, e.g. notes, longlists etc.

Granting or revoking consent.

  • Where a candidate has granted or revoked consent to the consultant, this information will be stored in a field visible on the contacts record card. It will be date stamped and the consultant’s name logged next to that stamp.

Email marketing campaign designed to grant approval of data retention

  • We will help set up email campaigns designed to gain consent from all recipients.

Delete all function for managers

  • If a candidate requests that their data be deleted, consultants will be able to mark that record and managers will have the ability to permanently delete their data in one go.

Workflow pre CV send authorisation

  • Before sending a CV to a client, consultants will now be able to ask permission with one simple click from the workflow functions button which will create an email to that candidate asking for permission to forward their details or CV to the specified client.

GDPR reports

  • Instantly find all candidates and contacts who have either refused consent or authorised it within a specific date range.

Security enhancements

  • Audit logs for record deletion.
  • Get private notifications when your consultants print, export or delete records from HRS.
  • More secure password storage.
  • TIRO job board improvements and enhancements for capturing candidate data and getting permission to store and use their data.