HRS and Icetrak Messaging

Engage candidates with HRS and Icetrak SMS messaging.

Icetrak are specialists in business critical messaging. Send SMS text messages
direct from your HRS recruitment software to engage candidates and clients.

Your messages are sent from your HRS recruitment software or email system to Icetrak's network of data centre housed servers. Icetrak then take care of the message type and deliver it rapidly and securely to the destination.

You receive an email back from Icetrak confirming delivery or failure (with the reason). The messages and responses people send to you are delivered directly to your email Inbox.

Financially Icetrak represents an attractive alternative to expensive hardware and software based messaging systems. There are no up front costs with Icetrak, a low monthly subscription charge covers all the support you need. You just pay each month for the messages. If you send less next month, you pay less.

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