RSM - Recruitment back office solutions

Outsource, streamline and/or automate your recruitment back office

RSM and HRS Recruitment Software

RSM’s InTime offers you the opportunity to streamline and automate your recruitment back office, with cost-effective solutions tailored to your business needs.

In a fast-paced environment, you need to be sure that every part of your business is working as hard as you do.

Back office distractions can drain your time and resources, keeping you from your real passion: developing and growing your business. RSM’s specialist online software and outsourcing services are designed to improve efficiencies across your mid to back office, freeing you to focus on core activity.

Combining the RSM InTime cloud back office solution with HRS recruitment software provides an integrated and scalable solution that will streamline processes, automate key tasks and provide greater visibility and control across your entire operation.

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Our recruitment back office solutions can help your business by:

Speeding up your timesheet capture, billing, payroll and reporting.

Improving your visibility and control for all participants of the pay and billing process.

Streamlining your data flow between your front and back office.

Reducing your infrastructure installation and maintenance costs.

Differentiating your business when pitching for new work.

Providing you with a scalable and adaptable platform to support your businesses growth.