SOLR for Boolean Searching

Recruiters need information and they need information fast! Thats why when we looked at how to write intelligent boolean searching into our web based recruitment software, we decided that we need a system that was comparable with Google. We knew that we were never going to be able to write the code for a search engine of this magnitude, with out taking serious resources away from the core software build. The answer was to integrate a system that is recognised through out the industry as the only search engine that can hold a candle to Google…SOLR

SOLR is the popular, blazing fast enterprise search platform from the Apache Lucene project. Its major features include powerful full-text search, hit highlighting, faceted search, dynamic clustering, rich document (e.g., Word, PDF) handling, and geospatial search. Solr powers the search and navigation features of many of the world’s largest internet sites and now it powers the complex recruitment searches behind HRS.


Our technical gurus have managed to implement SOLR into our .net build and have enabled it to index the database in realtime. This means every time you make a change to information in your database, or add new information, our SOLR integration will instantly index the change or update and the information will be available immediately for a search query.

If you think this is as amazing as we do (and believe me…This is amazing!) then why not try it out and discover for yourself just how blisteringly fast and accurate it is?