Tips & Tricks – videos

These Tips & Tricks videos have been designed to help our clients get a better understanding of some of the things they can do with HRS Connect or Pro. These movies are quick, usually no longer than 5 minutes long and usually accompany the tips & tricks newsletter emails that run on a weekly basis.

HRS Connect – Tips & Tricks – Searching more efficiently.

Learn how to improve your search techniques to ensure you find the best candidate for the job. Connect lets you search any field in the database, with any criteria you desire, then extend or constrain that search result to further drill down and find the candidates you really want to put forward to the job.


HRS Connect – Tips & Tricks – Mobile Access on iOS.

Getting access to your database while on the road is essential and HRS allows you to get access to all the key data you need through your iOS device. Update records, create communication logs, send emails or search for candidates or contacts while travelling.


HRS Connect – Tips & Tricks – Online Candidate Applications

Post jobs onto social media website and track applications directly into your database. In fact with HRS, candidate applications get added directly to the longlist of your jobs, and an alert will let you know when you’ve received a web application.


HRS Connect – Tips & Tricks – IMAP Email Integration

Get 2 way integrated IMAP emails directly into HRS and mimic your inbox, sent items or a specific folder assigned to dealing with emails you want to track with your database. Parse cvs from incoming emails and view sent or received emails from within a contact or candidate record.


HRS Connect – Tips & Tricks – Saving Lists

The results of a search can be used for a number of purposes. For example, adding candidates to long or short lists, creating an action list, creating a MailChimp campaign, or when simply saving a list of candidates to be completed on another day. Lists can be created for companies, contacts and candidates. 

HRS Connect – Tips & Tricks – cv formatting

Automating processes will obviously save time when trying to get a great looking candidate in front of your clients. HRS makes it easy to parse a cv document and instantly create a beautifully designed cv for emailing to the client. Pick and choose the information you want to present to your client using Microsoft Word to design the formatted CV.


HRS Connect – Tips & Tricks – MailChimp Integrated Email Marketing

Create dynamic, beautifully designed html designed emails directly from a search result to a list of candidates or contacts that you wish to target. Send to 1,000s of people using the world leading online email marketing application directly from within HRS. Reports track who’s looked at these emails, and how many times they have been opened and what web pages they visited.


HRS Connect – Tips & Tricks – Client Web Access

Give your clients online access to the jobs they have posted to you and let your clients view the progress of these applicants from cvs sent to interviews created. Clients can also create new jobs from this portal and notify the consultant of new vacancies.

HRS Connect – Tips & Tricks – Skills Tagging

Create a skills list and automatically tag candidate records while parsing CV documents. Skills can easily be added either from the admin section or while parsing documents.

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