4 qualities top recruiters share

4 qualities top recruitment professionals share

Working in the recruitment and staffing sector for over 15 years, I’ve had my fair share of experience with all manner of recruiters. Through my own experience and running a team I have got to know what qualities help to make up a great recruiter.

In my experience all great professional recruiters are:


Self-starters / motivated

Even with regular training and development plans working in recruitment can sometimes feel like a lonely role. In order to succeed it is important recruiters are self-starters.

Expected to deliver motivation will be tested during leaner times, the ability to power through difficult spells separates those who are up to the challenge and those that aren’t. A great recruiter will lead by example, motivating members of the team, contributing to the overall success of the business.



Top recruiters are both prepared and organised, they see admin as a necessary part of their job but not something that gets in the way of sales time.

A top recruiter will often be in the office outside of traditional working hours; completing client and candidate research, prepping call lists and scheduling social marketing activity.

Taking care of recurring tasks before the day starts and creating a semi-structured plan enables them to get on and speak to clients and candidates.


Great communicator and networkers

Clear and open communication is the bedrock of professional recruitment. Whether written or spoken, online or offline, it is essential recruiters can communicate effectively.

Successful recruiters are networking and communication masters, able to build and maintain strong relationships with colleagues, clients and candidates.


Embrace technology

Technology has enabled recruitment professionals to work more efficiently, enabling more accurate profiling in addition to increasing the number of communication channels.

From the print based job adverts to the advent of online job boards and social networks, recruiters have historically been quick to adapt. With the pace at which digital technologies are currently advancing it is more important than ever that recruiters stay closely aligned with tech developments.
Above are just a few of the qualities I believe help make up a top recruitment professional. What other qualities do you think are required? Get involved using the comment box and social media links below.

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