HRS has a long-standing history with recruitment

Built for recruiters by recruiters, HRS is software tailored to an industry that its founding team knows extremely well. Coming from a background in recruitment himself, Carl Holst-Roness realised there wasn’t a system to suit his needs and, having spotted this gap in the market, developed one himself.

That was 20 years ago. With investment & growth and a new management team, HRS is now established as a powerful yet easy to use, recruitment management tool. With features equalling rivals and an all inclusive affordable price range, HRS is fast becoming a recruiter’s favourite.

HRS iMac

Values we live by


A people-first approach combined with clear communications, trust is at the core of how we operate.


Everyone is the CEO of their role. We focus on accountability, combined with speed and agility.


New roles bring opportunity and joy. We exist to help recruitment professionals deliver happiness.

People First

We build strong relationships with our customers, we are never more than a call or an email away.

Management team

Designed and built by people in recruitment, for people in recruitment. Made in London.

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Phone: +44 (0) 203 4755 775