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5 essential iPad apps for mobile working and recruiting

Can you believe it is almost 5 years since the original iPad launched? Since Apple released the iPad in 2010 over 200 million units have been sold, changing the way we communicate and consume information forever.

With the development of dedicated business apps the iPad is gaining professional users looking to work on the move. In this blog I reveal 5 apps available now that can help you work and recruit on the go.

Founded in 2007 by a couple of MIT students who were tired of using memory sticks and email to transfer documents, Dropbox allows users to share and access files across multiple devices.

Dropbox allows users to store 2GB of files for free and offers an additional 16GB if you refer enough friends and family to the platform. If you are looking to store larger amounts of information Dropbox also offers paid accounts with increased storage and sharing controls.

At HRS we use the Dropbox for Business account as it enables documents to shared across multiple locations easily. If I am working away from the office I can login to Dropbox via my iPad and get the files I need.

Use Dropbox to store copies of company document templates other standardised information.

When CloudOn partnered with Dropbox it secured its place on my essential iPad apps list.

CloudOn is a free app that allows you to create, open and edit Microsoft documents through your iPad via your storage provider of choice (Dropbox, Box, Google Drive and One Drive).

Whether I am in front of the TV, on a train or in a meeting if I have my iPad I can open a document and work as if I had the Microsoft Office installed.

You can setup notifications so you are alerted when users read shared documents and add notes through a built in chat feed. The autosave feature means you don’t have to worry about losing work as the document is backed up to Dropbox every time a change is made.

The ability to share documents and work seamlessly between, Dropbox, Google Drive and other storage services adds further value to a fantastic free app!

Access all of your social media profiles from a single dashboard. I use Hootsuite to schedule, post and respond to messages and to keep track of my favourite LinkedIn groups.

The free version lets you integrate 3 social media accounts and provides users with basic reporting. The link shortener and built in analytics are particularly useful tools, helping you find out what content is working and what isn’t.

If you opt for a paid account (from £7.19 per month) you can add 50 social media accounts and get access to a few of the more advanced features. Perfect if you want to manage both company and personal profiles.

No more forgetting ideas or losing important notes from meetings or projects, Evernote allows you to efficiently record and share information across multiple devices via the Cloud.

Away from the recruitment workflow Evernote is a great tool to collaborate with employees and co-workers. I access Evernote from my iPad when on the move to record new blog ideas and to monitor projects with technical and marketing staff.

Think of Evernote as your modern day moleskine (in fact there is an Evernote syncing moleskine), perfect for recording those spare of the moment ideas. Recommended to me by the CTO of HRS, Carl Holst-Roness, Evernote has quickly become my favourite app for taking and sharing notes.

When it comes to your recruitment software mobile and tablet solutions shouldn’t be an afterthought or cost extra to activate. With HRS, iPad functionality is provided as standard.

HRS Connect enables recruitment professionals, allowing them to take their candidate and company data with them via any iOS device (with an Internet connection). iPad users can update records, add notes and send emails all from within Connect.

The ability to search records and update call notes on the move reduces the time it takes to match great candidates with available positions. Mobile working also reduces the possibility of consultant cross over as records can be updated on the move and outside of traditional business hours.

If you would like to see HRS recruitment software (including iPad functionality) in action book your place on a recruitment software demo or speak to a recruitment tech expert today.

Do you regularly work from your iPad? Let us know what your essential apps are for working on the move by leaving a comment below.

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