Recruitment Software Data Migration

Up to date and accurate data is critical to successful recruitment.

HRS’s team of data specialists are dedicated to simplifying the most complicated exercise associated with installing new systems.

We have successfully migrated data from various recruitment suppliers including IQX, Bond, Microdec, Trisys, Evolve, Voyager, Bullhorn, Maximizer, custom systems and more.

If you want to talk data migration speak to a member of the HRS team today to find out more.

Data Migration

Data Migration Options

Basic Data Migration

HRS provide you with a free import sheet in which you populate the data ready for importing.

Key Data Migration

Key data only: Company, Jobs, Contacts, Candidates, Notes & Comms, (Excludes: consultants, skills, documents.)

Full Data Migration

HRS will analyse the data source files and create an import script after thorough analysis. Working with you HRS will complete tests at each stage to maximise data accuracy.

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