Fair Usage Policy

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What is the Fair Usage Policy?

As part of our commitment to providing excellent quality and reliable service, HRS has a Fair Usage Policy on its Telephone Support Service. The Fair Usage Policy contains usage guidelines for customers using the HRS Telephone Support Service to ensure that customers use the service reasonably.

Why has a Fair Usage Policy been implemented?

Whilst we encourage HRS customers to take full advantage of the excellent quality of service, we have an obligation to ensure that all customers who pay for telephone support receive the best possible service at all times. The application of the Fair Usage Policy ensures that we continue to provide an acceptable standard of service regarding response times to calls and questions raised by our customers

Does the Fair Usage Policy apply to me?

At HRS we have a big focus on ensuring that all customers are treated equally and get a fair amount of our time and that we concentrate on helping with their questions and issues. Therefore the Fair Usage Policy applies to all of our customers who are entitled to use our telephone support service.

What are the Fair Usage Policy limits?

HRS reserve the right to limit the time our support team spends on phone calls with any customer who is deemed to be taking advantage of this service. Calls lasting more than 15 minutes will be subject to this policy, as they might be deemed as training rather than support. All support customers can use the telephone support service for 45 minutes each month. Customers using the telephone support service for more than 60 minutes, per month, per user, may be subject to review.

Why apply the Fair Usage Policy?

Some of our clients use the telephone support as a training tool, talking with one of our many skilled support staff for hours on end and monopolising the support team’s time – taking away vital support from other customers. It is also unfair for those customers paying for extra training. Training webinars can be arranged and are chargeable at £75 (ex VAT) per hour.

Our Fair Usage Policy applies to our customer telephone support service. It’s designed so that each and every customer gets fast and reliable support whenever you use it.

Whilst we don’t ever want to stop any customer speaking with a member of the team, we must also provide the same level of service to all of our customers in equal proportion.

Support calls are monitored by the Customer Service Manager and collated in terms of time and support quality to ensure that all customers are treated equally and provided with the best service possible.

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