Recruitment Software FAQs

Am I tied into a fixed term contract?
There is no fixed contract. With HRS client you own the system outright and your only obligation to us is when you increase the number of users.

Is it simple to update my existing recruitment data?
Yes. You simply have to submit a spreadsheet containing all your data into pre-defined columns. If you would prefer, we provide a data-upload service for an affordable fee, speak to our team for details.

Is my data safe?
Your data is your own and you store and own it. We recommend you run regular back ups and store your back ups on separate machine, just to be on the safe side. Regarding the data within RecruitmentForce, we guarantee it will be 100% safe from data loss.

Do you require training to use HRS
We offer training as an option and although it is strongly recommend it, RF also comes with a training manual and movies that extensively cover all aspects of the software. These movies have become very popular with our clients.

What are the limitations to HRS

There are no record limitations to RF Client, and although most of our clients are between 5 or 10 users we can link our system to 999 simultaneous users and we do have clients that have up to 60 + users.

Can you connect to HRS client remotely?
Yes – There is a built in Remote function to HRS Client and it is advised that a fast broadband connection, and a powerful server be installed.

Can I create invoices and placement records?
All invoices created in HRS Pro are sent straight to the financial reports page, so it is extremely easy to generate all types of financial reports, including forecasting.

Does HRS have CV parsing built in and is there a charge?
CV parsing is built into HRS and comes as standard, therefore it is FREE.

Does HRS run on an Apple Mac as well as Windows?
Yes – HRS runs natively on any Mac OS X 10.4.9 and above and on any version of Windows XP, Vista or 7. No additional software is required.

Can I import my current contacts?
Yes – HRS has several standard import formats to allow you to easily import your existing client list. If you have a large amount of more complex data, our services team are always there to assist you.

What is SaaS?
It is Software as a Service. SaaS allows you to use your browser, and is not loaded on a computer, instead it can be used on any computer (or tablet or android device) that can access the internet.

What is SaaS Cloud Recrutiment Software
When a program is loaded onto a desktop computer in an office, then it and the information (e.g. data, records etc) are stored on the computers hard drive, and as a generalisation can only be easily accessed in the office. If an SaaS cloud recruitment program is used, then the data and information is stored in such a way that it is accessible from any internet device, almost ‘as if’ the data is stored in a ‘cloud’ above the users head, and which follows the user wherever they go.

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