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How many candidates do you source through social networks? How many of your consultants have a Twitter/ Facebook/ LinkedIn account?

Even the few companies that have not yet engaged in social via corporate profiles are likely to be referenced by an employee somewhere online. Social media usage/ social recruiting policies are designed to help educate employees, set expectations and protect your business.

A social recruiting policy cannot prevent a disgruntled employee posting inappropriate material or revealing classified secrets; it will however, help employees know what is acceptable and outline appropriate behaviour.

The HRS Guide Social Media Policy is intended to be used as a starting point, use the guide as a base to customise your own policy.

When distributing your social policy talk employees through the document and explain why specific rules have been put into place. Fears and reservations regarding social media and recruitment are often a result of lack of guidance; standalone a social policy will have little effect on a business. Use the introduction of a social policy to turn your consultants into brand ambassadors and master social recruiters.

Download HRS ‘Guide Social Media Policy’

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