Free tools to help to you name your recruitment start-up

Going it alone or setting up a new business with some trusted partners? One of the biggest decisions you will make early on in the recruitment start-up journey is your company’s name. In this blog we share with you three free tools to help you pick the right one.

WebCHeck –
Once you have your shortlist of potential company names the first point of call should be the Government run WebCHeck service. The WebCHeck ‘Company Name Availability Search’ enables users to search the Companies House database of over 2 million companies. Results will reveal if your desired company name has been, or is currently in use.

Companies House

Instant Domain Search –
If the company name is available one of the next steps is to make sure an appropriate website domain is free. The ‘Instant Domain Search’ service allows you to search the availability of website domains. If your preferred domain is taken you can run a ‘WHOIS’ look up to find out who owns the URL. You can also engage a sales agent to speak to the current owner in regard to potentially purchasing.

Domain Check

Name Chk –
Social networks play a huge part in modern day recruitment and marketing. When used properly social networks can help recruitment professionals find, engage and connect top candidates with top companies.

A key ingredient in creating a successful social brand is consistency. Company and staff social profiles should utilise a consistent naming structure. For example HRS company social profiles use the same format as the company website

If we are on a social network you can find and connect with us by searching getHRS.

‘Name Chk’ enables you to check if your preferred username is available across leading and niche social networks. If social is going to play a big part in your business the ‘Name Chk’ tool can help you find out what display names are available.

Naming your recruitment business - social media name check tool
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