Introducing the new Tiro Job Board

Extend your reach and increase your candidate pool by connecting your database and available positions with a live job board.

Built into HRS Connect, Tiro Job-board provides users with a portal to post jobs to. This then enables open jobs to be shared across all your social and marketing channels helping you engage more candidates efficiently.

Applications through Tiro automatically create a candidate profile (or update an existing record). HRS users are then updated so top candidates can be contacted and reviewed quickly. Automated record updates help keep your database accurate, helping you engage the right candidates.

  • Post jobs through social
    Schedule and distribute job adverts through key social networks including LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.
  • Website integration
    Integrate Tiro with your website to drive applications for open jobs in addition to acquiring candidate data.
  • Never pay for an upgrade again
    Tiro is provided as standard within the HRS monthly licence fee. Never pay for an upgrade or bolt on again.
  • Automatic candidate records
    Parse applicants information into your database automatically. With HRS records are created or updated.
  • Optimise job distribution
    Monitor the source of applications with HRS to help optimise performance. Find out what networks drive activity.
  • Automatic notifications and long-listing
    HRS notifies you when an application is received. Candidates that apply through Tiro are automatically added to the jobs long list.

The latest Tiro job board is available to all HRS Connect customers for no additional cost. You should receive an email soon letting you know about the next stage of HRS’s regular product upgrades.

If you aren’t using HRS and want to find out more book your personal 30 minute product walkthrough or download a HRS brochure.

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