Quick tips for staying motivated

We’ve all been there, sat staring aimlessly at the computer screen, clock watching, taking a sneaky glance at Facebook or Twitter. There’s nothing worse than reaching a point of the day when we feel like time has stopped. We know we have deadlines to reach, goals to achieve but sometimes we find ourselves drifting off into our own world and loosing motivation.

It can be difficult to switch back onto the task in hand and regain focus, but with these handy tips you’ll be back on track in no time!

Stay hydrated
Step away from the energy drinks! Water is a great way of hydrating the body and keeping you focused throughout the day. Whilst energy drinks may give you a quick boost they don’t last long, water on the other hand can help combat headaches and tiredness leaving you feeling fresh and revitalised.

Step away from the screen
Staring at a computer screen for to long can cause you to loose focus in addition to inducing headaches and eyestrain. Taking a 5-minute break away from the screen to make a drink or stretch your legs gives you time to clear your head. When required a short break can help you regain focus and start afresh.

Make lists
If you’ve got a particularly busy day or know you’ve got deadlines that need completing, make a list and break down what needs to be done to achieve the larger goal. Prioritise key tasks for the times you are most productive and work your way through. Although a very simple method, keeping a job list can be an effective way of staying on track.

Set personal targets
Working towards the same target each month can become a bit tedious and eventually impact your motivation to keep progressing. Set yourself a personal goal or target to keep you focused. So say your monthly target is 15 candidates per month and you achieve this every time, think of something you want. Whether it’s a holiday, new pair of shoes or just a well-earned day off at the end of the month, make that your goal. A personal goal will help keep you focused and motivated.

Drop in guaranteed calls
A run of difficult gatekeepers or frustrating calls can test the motivation of the most seasoned recruitment professionals.During spells you are struggling to get through to decision makers or candidates pick up the phone to a guaranteed conversation. Check in with a client or update a potential candidate (even if the news, is no news yet). A good conversation can pick you back up ready for the next set of calls.

Do you have any tips that help keep you motivated? If you do get involved using the comment box below or get involved via the HRS social profiles.

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