Recruitment Software for Apple

Recruitment software optimised for Apple devices. Work from your iMac, MacBook, iPad or iPhone with HRS Apple Recruitment Software.

Recruitment software for MacBooks, iMacs, iPads and iPhones.

Built on the FileMaker Pro platform HRS recruitment software is truly native Apple devices. Work from anywhere with an internet connection.

So many recruitment software providers in the market claim to be compatible with Apple devices, but in many cases this just isn’t true. Although the products do run on Macs, they have to use additional applications to enable this process, this not only slows down the performance but means that it isn’t running natively on the operating system. HRS is truly native to Apple devices.

FileMaker Built for Apple

FileMaker is a robust platform that integrates with server and web-based applications enabling HRS to deliver quality software solutions.

Apple Subsidary

FileMaker’s history spans over two decades. It is now an Apple subsidiary.

Native iOS Apps

Native iOS applications enable solutions for iPhone and iPad.

Social & Marketing Connected

HRS helps you find, connect and engage active and passive candidates with recruitment marketing software.

From stored candidate social profile information, social media outreach and job board connectivity to targeted emails, HRS social recruitment software helps you engage candidates effectively.

Social Connectivity

Social media sharing and job board connectivity. Share your jobs through major social networks, your website and job boards.

HRS Social Sourcer

Increase the speed of your candidate sourcing with powerful searching, data compiling and candidate matching technology.

Powerful Recruitment CRM

Manage client, candidate and prospect relationships efficiently with a powerful integrated recruitment CRM.

With features including email integration, task automation, intelligent and CV parsing, HRS recruitment CRM is proven to drive efficiency and increase profitability.

Lightning Fast CV Parsing

Bulk upload CVs in seconds with fast, accurate CV parsing and auto-skilling.

Intuitive Search

Our super fast, intuitive search allows you to search within any field in a candidate or contact record. Find what you need when you need it. Match candidates and roles with HRS’s intuitive tagging.

Mobile Recruitment

Recruitment software optimised for your iPhone and iPad provides flexibility and speed to users — two major influencing factors when supporting clients and candidates.

Set up interviews, search for candidates, update information and email CVs on the move.

With seamless data sync across all devices everyone is kept up to date.

Reporting and KPIs

Optimise performance with advanced data analysis and reporting. Get instant, real-time performance reports on candidates, clients and staff to help you fine tune your recruitment performance.

HRS Dashboard

See all your current activities from one area without carrying out complex searches or running reports.

Activity Report

See all the CV sends, interviews and placements made by any consultant within your organisation.

Consultant KPIs

Each consultant can view their own KPIs in a stylish, graphic display, helping to make sure they are always on top of their game.

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