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Advances in technology have made remote working a real alternative to the traditional office model. Pioneered by technical and digital companies, remote working is now on the rise in the recruitment industry.

From reducing commuting time and increasing geographical reach to boosting productivity, remote working provides numerous advantages to both business owners and employees.

Speed and flexibility are two major influencing factors in successful recruitment. Remote working enables recruiters to work the hours candidates are contactable whilst maintaining a healthy work/life balance. It should also help recruiters engage the top candidates quicker, with mobile recruitment technology at your fingertips the response window is significantly shorter.

Thinking about giving remote working a go? Checkout the recruiter’s remote working checklist:

The obvious: Mobile phone, laptop, and stationary
You would be hard pressed to do the job of a modern day recruitment professional without them.

Portable power packs and charging cables
Wireless charging is on the horizon but it is not quite here yet. If you are out and about it is important you have enough charge in your laptop and phone to get through the day. Take care of your charging wires and purchase a portable power pack as a backup.

Portable power packs vary in price depending on the capacity (starting at around £10). Check out Tech Radar’s review of the ‘Best portable chargers’.

Tech Radar | Portalable Powerpack Image

4G Internet / WiFi Hotspot
It is best practice to have a back-up. If your power cuts out at home or the local coffee shop doesn’t have WiFi, you could be left disconnected. Invest in a 4G dongle so you are always connected. Prices vary but you should be able to pick up a decent one for around £30.

Use the OfCom mobile coverage checker to ensure you get the best signal. –

Video calling/Virtual meeting software
Recruiting remotely can be a lonely task. If you are managing a team it won’t always be possible to meet face-to-face regularly. Make use of video calling technology (Facetime, Skype etc.) and check in as required.

You should also sign up for some virtual meeting software so when required you can share your screen. The ability to share your screen can be extremely useful when trying to communicate ideas over the phone. Check out and GoToMeeting.

High quality headphones
Invest in some high quality headphones with a microphone. If you are using Skype to communicate with clients and candidates it is important the audio is clear and your microphone doesn’t pick up a load of unwanted background noise.

Noise cancelling headphones are also useful when you want to get your head down and concentrate.

Prices vary depending on brand and tech specs but you should be able to get a decent pair for around £80.

A quality bag built for work
Get your mobile office in order. A robust laptop bag with plenty of compartments and storage will help you remember everything you need. Pick a bag that is designed for your screen size and take into consideration how you will be travelling.

Prices vary massively depending on the brand, with the countless options available you might want to start by checking out PC Advisor’s 12 best laptop bags of 2015/2016

PC Advisor bags

Have you already switched to remote working? Let us know how you have found the transition and what your essential purchases are. Leave a comment below or get involved through the HRS social media channels.

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