Social recruiting basics (tips and advice)

When it comes to social media there’s a lot of do’s and don’ts, blogs, videos and guides that can often confuse more than help. So instead of a guide filled with technical jargon that leaves you baffled, I’ve complied my top 5 social recruiting basics.

Use the right networks
Using the right social networks can help you connect and engage a huge number of candidates and clients. Although the major social networks have users of all ages and demographics it is important you do some research to make sure you are using the right networks. Spend your time wisely by engaging in the right networks.

Biggest tip of them all! Get involved, outreach to your target audience! Be that re-tweeting, asking questions, following the relevant people in your sector, commenting on blogs or sharing updates and relevant content. Get your name out there and get yourself heard. Take a look at our blogs on growing your online profile and the top 5 blogs for the savvy recruiter.

Branded Profiles
Make sure all your social channels follow your company brand i.e. correct company logo, font and corporate colour scheme. Maintain consistency throughout each network. See our blog on ‘All-Star LinkedIn Profile’ for tips on how to create a great LinkedIn profile.

Job Distributions
Whilst social recruiting is fundamentally looking to fill the jobs you have to offer be careful not to over load your posts/tweets with just jobs. Whilst it’s essential to advertise your jobs remember you also want to engage with your audience so balance out your job postings with relevant content and useful tips/advice.

Be Human
Don’t be a robot! Bring your personality to your social outreach don’t just automate. A feed of repeat messages is unlikely to engage any passive candidates. Inject character into your updates but remember if you wouldn’t say it over the phone it’s probably not right for social.

Same way you would track call times, conversions, daily recruitment tasks, track your social activity too. Look to see what works and what doesn’t. Vary your post times and use link shorteners to track activity. Work out when your audience is most active and schedule accordingly.

For more tips, guides and resources head on over to the HRS free downloads page. If you would like to see HRS social recruiting software in action access your online demo today.

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