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When it comes to recruitment you have to take the good with the bad and one of the biggest challenges you will face is a difficult client. Often clients issues boil down to a lack of or miscommunication, in this blog I share my top tips for dealing with client problems.

Remain calm and professional
One of our natural instincts when being confronted is to put our guard up and be defensive. Don’t let feelings get in the way, don’t be rude, shout or get upset. Stay calm and talk in a polite but assertive tone.

Listen and get specific
Rather than cut across the client and jump in with theories and suggestions actually listen to what they have to say. Put yourself in their shoes and take on board their situation. The more information you have the more likely you are to resolve the situation.

If a client calls and uses broad phrases like ‘the candidate isn’t right for the company’, ask for specifics. In what way was the candidate not right for the company? What characteristics are required to fit in at the organistaion? Focusing on specifics will help you get to the root of the issue quickly, allowing you to come up with a suitable resolution.

Address next steps and stick to them
Once the problem has been addressed walk the client through the next steps. Make it clear what is going to happen and who is responsible for specific actions. It is good practice to have this information recorded through email, follow up conversations with a quick email summarising actions.

There’s nothing more annoying than being told someone will call you back for no one to call. When a promising to call a client set a reminder in your calendar, even if it’s just a courtesy call providing a quick update call can go along way in securing repeat business.

The route of most clients’ issues are usually the result of a lack of communication, or miscommunication. When dealing with and resolving client issues stick to the list; remain professional, listen and get specific, and address what’s going to happen next. As the old saying goes the customer is always right.

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