5 Blogs for the savvy recruiter

5 Blogs for the savvy recruite Ever just sat your desk during lunch or at the end of a successful day and just browsed the Internet whilst the last 5 minutes slowly tick by? Admit it we’ve all done it, that quick wind down before the journey home, well instead of wasting

Top 5 LinkedIn groups for recruitment professionals

Top 5 LinkedIn groups for recruitment professionals We all know LinkedIn is used widely by recruiters to source and find new and potential candidates, however it is also goldmine of information and discussions from like-minded recruitment professionals. LinkedIn groups are a great way to keep up to date with industry

Where to find top creative talent – Recruitment Tips

Where to find top creative candidates Recruit for the creative sector or currently looking to bring some top talent in-house? This blog is for you! Having worked closely with a host of great agencies and freelancers I have found that although most creatives have a LinkedIn profile a large number aren’t

HRS and Reconverse – Building A Mobile Recruiting Strategy #RCNVS

HRS and Reconverse. Building A Mobile Recruiting Strategy. HRS are on the road again, we are heading to the latest Reconverse event to discuss building a mobile recruiting strategy with leaders in, in-house recruitment. This event will cover: Real Mobile Recruiting Case Studies Running a Mobile Audit Building a Mobile Strategy Apps

5 Tips for growing your profile online

5 Tips for growing your profile online Grow your online profile, establish yourself as THE recruiter in your sector. Check out HRS’s 5 top tips that are not only easy and simple to follow but will help get your online profile polished to perfection. 1. Create an ‘All Star’ LinkedIn profile

Rise of the mobile recruiter

Rise of the mobile recruiter Operating in a highly competitive sector, recruitment professionals are increasingly working away from the office environment and outside of traditional business hours. Over the last 12 months we have seen the demand for mobile recruitment software increase dramatically. With consultants working remotely, internationally and between

The recruitment hashtag calendar

Recruitment hashtag calendar A great way to find and connect with potential candidates is to get involved in Twitter chats. Often weekly, hour-long conversations we have complied a list with some of the more active hashtags that will help you connect with some amazing candidates! Check back regularly as we’ll be updating the list with new

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