Where to find top creative candidates

Recruit for the creative sector or currently looking to bring some top talent in-house? This blog is for you!

Having worked closely with a host of great agencies and freelancers I have found that although most creatives have a LinkedIn profile a large number aren’t regular users. This blog aims to share with you some social networks designed specifically to connect the creative world with great companies and positions.


The leading online platform for the creative sector, Behance aims to “empower the creative world to make ideas happen.” Acquired by Adobe in 2012 Behance is home to over 77 million images with active users from 172 countries.

Behance users can showcase their work, availability, achievements and contact details via their free online portfolio page. If you are looking for a designer with a particular style you can filter work using the ‘Focus’ options.

In addition to the wealth of contact information and portfolios Behance also has an integrated job board that will help get your position directly in front of some fantastic designers.



Zerply is a professional network for the “world’s top creative talent in TV, film and games”. Zerply aims to help creative professionals transition from one project straight into the next by connecting recruiters with great candidates.

Users of Zerply maintain an online portfolio, sharing their work with recruiters and companies looking for talent. Recruitment professionals can set up messages so when someone with a specific quality or skill becomes available they are notified. Unlike LinkedIn, Zerply does not limit who or how many messages can be sent. As a recruiter there are no contact restrictions.


Creative Pool

Creative Pool works across numerous sectors from marketing to development and graphic design. Users of Creative Pool maintain a profile page similar to LinkedIn with the additional option to host a copy of their CV.

A 2014 On Rec industry award winner, Creative Pool offers a range of options to recruitment professionals including job posting, CV searching and unlimited CV downloads. Your role is matched with relevantly skilled candidates from the 137,517 active users to ensure it gets put in front of the right people.

If you know of any other social networks designed for the creative sector let us know. Share your advice in the comments section below. For the latest recruitment news, tips and advice connect with HRS onTwitterFacebookLinkedIn and Google+. Friend, follow and connect.

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