Getting back into work mode, a recruiters post holiday checklist

We’ve all been there, a blissful few days, maybe a week or two of R&R, some quiet time to enjoy as we please where we set off to pastures new or recharge the batteries at home. But then reality bites and all too soon it’s the night before your due back in the office and the dreaded alarm has been set.

Many of us find the transition from holiday mode to work mode a slow one but with this handy checklist you should be back on top form in no time!

Reset your body clock
Have a few early nights before going back, not something everyone likes to hear but trust me it works! If you’re due back to work on the Monday try and have an early night the Saturday and Sunday. It’s a great way to get your sleeping pattern back to normal and get your body clock back into a routine.

Don’t skip breakfast
Get up and have breakfast. It’s not just something your mum used to say, breakfast really is the most important meal of the day! It kicks starts your metabolism, a good breakfast should keep you full and focused until lunchtime.

Arrive early
By coming in a bit earlier you have a chance to sort emails, voicemails and any complete any other admin tasks that could get in the way of sales time. Doing all of this before the workday begins allows you to get on and speak to clients and candidates.

Check in
Agreed to call / email a client or candidate on your return? Make sure you check in as planned. Even if its just a quick call or bulk email to remind everyone you are back and will catch up in more detail soon.

Got any handy tips that you find useful when going back to work? (I always find bringing holiday sweets in helps; especially if the weather hasn’t been so kind to your colleagues). If you have let us know, leave a comment or get involved through the HRS social media links below.

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