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2014 made it clear that mobile recruiting is here to stay. Mobile job seekers continue to grow in numbers and show no signs of slowing down. Job seekers are using mobile devices to search for vacancies, companies and to connect with relevant recruiters and in-house contacts through email and social channels.

Mobile recruitment is recruitment and if you aren’t set up to deal with the changes mobile is driving within the sector you are at risk of loosing out to competitors that are.

From a candidate perspective mobile is all about candidate experience. Your website should be mobile optimised, adapting content presentation dependent on the device used to access.

With 66% of people stating they would apply for jobs via mobile if the process were simplified it is important your registration and application pages work seamlessly across all smart devices. As mobile devices become more advanced and document storage / editing capabilities are standardised mobile applicants will only increase.

Mobile devices have reduced the expected response time between the candidate and recruiter. With major peaks in searches via mobile happening before work, during the commute, at lunch and after work timely responses are more important than ever.

Link your website to your recruitment software and provide mobile access to consultants. A candidate that has registered with one recruitment agency is likely to have registered with more. Simply acknowledging an application or registration and letting the candidate know potential next steps puts you at an advantage as it initiates real conversions quicker. By having a greater engagement with your candidates you increase likelihoods of exclusivity and referrals; again all positive ways to maximise your business.

Automated emails and triggered responses can also be used at times where a real recruiter is not on hand to respond to candidate requests.

Mobile recruitment software and a mobile optimised web presence puts you a step ahead of competitors. Enabling recruitment consultants to provide timely responses, match candidates and skills outside of traditional hours could be the difference between placing and loosing a candidate.

Whether you are at a client site, commuting or meeting candidates outside of the office, mobile enabled software allows users to work remotely, more effectively and longer hours. With highly intuitive UI environments, familiarity drives engagement thus providing the business intelligence that your company needs to progress and develop your team members.

If you are interested in finding out more about mobile recruitment technology head over to the HRS’s dedicated software section, download a brochure or book a personal demo. Join the mobile recruiting movement.

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