Mobile integral to modern day recruitment

Mobile integral to modern day recruitment 2014 made it clear that mobile recruiting is here to stay. Mobile job seekers continue to grow in numbers and show no signs of slowing down. Job seekers are using mobile devices to search for vacancies, companies and to connect with relevant recruiters and

iPhone 6 ready. Mobile recruitment software 

With the launch of the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus the subject of mobile tech in the workplace is again at the forefront of discussions. Full access to your data via mobile devices provides consultants with increased flexibility. The ability to match candidates with available roles and search your entire database out of office hours or whist at a

Are you ready for mobile candidates?

Are you ready for mobile candidates? The mobile movement continues to grow at a rapid pace, with candidates searching, communicating and applying for roles via a smart device it is important that your system allows consultants to respond in a timely manner. The increase in mobile usage has not only changed

Rise of the mobile recruiter

Rise of the mobile recruiter Operating in a highly competitive sector, recruitment professionals are increasingly working away from the office environment and outside of traditional business hours. Over the last 12 months we have seen the demand for mobile recruitment software increase dramatically. With consultants working remotely, internationally and between

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