Through economic boom and bust, the creation of brand new sectors and major advances in technology, recruitment professionals remain an essential part of industry.

In 2016, the age of social media, BIG data and increased competition what does it take to be a successful recruitment professional? Recruitment has evolved, today successful recruitment professionals are…

The 2016 recruitment professional


The 2016 Recruitment Professional

Everyone in a target-based role will at some point go through a difficult spell, the ability to pick yourself up and keep pushing through the leaner spells is essential for a long and successful career in recruitment.

Social media gurus
A top recruiter knows that using social media to recruit involves far more than posting links to job adverts. Social recruiting is recruiting; the 2016 recruiter knows where their target audience is online and is actively joining in the conversation.

Communications experts
Communication is key to recruitment. Whether it is face-to-face, over the phone or through email it is vital the recruitment professional can develop lasting relationships with clients and candidates.

Tech lovers
Advances in technology have helped recruitment professionals find, engage and place more candidates. From ATS and CRM systems to social recruiting software, a top recruiter keeps on top of the latest recruitment tech developments.

Content creators
Relevant, quality content plays an increasingly important role in engaging candidates, particularly the passive candidate. The 2016 recruiter should be a confident, content creator and curator. Sharing industry news, tips, advice and more.

Sales experts
On-boarding new clients, negotiating fees, selling candidates to companies and companies to candidates, the role of a recruiter is still a sales position in most agencies. The 2016 recruiter is persuasive, understands buying signals and can manage a sales pipeline.

In the know
The 2016 recruiter knows their candidates and their target sectors. An IT recruitment consultant won’t have to develop a client’s website but they should know what differentiates a UI designer from a UX developer.

Not a 9 to 5 people
Recruitment doesn’t always adhere to the traditional working week. In order to connect with candidates, the 2016 recruiter is prepared to put time aside outside of 9-5. Passive candidates or those currently in work might need to be contacted before 9, during lunch or after work.

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