Overlooked benefits of a change in recruitment software

If you are looking to change recruitment software it is expected that a new system will help you find, engage and place more candidates. It should seamlessly manage the entire recruitment workflow, incorporating CRM, applicant tracking, social media and marketing tech. (If it doesn’t, why move?)

Working with recruitment businesses of all shapes and sizes we have found that taking on new recruitment software has helped recruitment professionals in ways they did not expect before making the move. Adopting new recruitment software provides a great opportunity to:

Review workflows
At its’ core recruitment still provides the same service, matching the right people with the right companies. However, the road to fulfilling this has changed significantly since the birth of recruitment due to changes in society and advances in tech.

Today social media, triggered events, data and analytics play an increasingly important role in recruitment. These new technologies have changed the recruitment workflow, helping recruiters engage candidates more efficiently.

Modern recruitment software is designed with the modern recruitment workflow in mind. When was the last time your practices were reviewed? As mentioned at LinkedIn Talent Connect, a small change can make a world of difference in talent acquisition. Review your recruitment workflow in tandem with new software, determine if anything that could be improved.

Training and direction
The implementation of new recruitment software will mean setting aside sometime for staff training of the system (HRS training options). Coupled with a review of recruitment workflows the implementation of new software provides a great opportunity to outline the vision of the business and train/retrain employees on key matters.

Increase motivation and morale by getting employees onboard with the long-term goals of the business.

Clean your data
Moving to a new system provides a great opportunity to clean client and candidate data. You may have a database containing tens of thousands of records but how many are current? How many contain old contact details or out dated CVs?

Before moving to a new system take the time to review your database. Use email, SMS, social channels and the phone to reach out to candidates for up to date information. A candidate record for a Graduate 5 years ago is likely to be of little use today if it has not been updated.

Clean and relevant data will make a recruiter’s life easier, it will maximise the likelihood of getting the right jobs in front of the right candidates.

If you have 30 minutes to spare and want to find out how HRS can provide you with a competitive advantage, click the link below to access an online demo. Find, engage and place more candidates.

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