4 key components of social recruiting

4 key components of social recruiting Successful social recruiting is much more than bombarding potential candidates with job descriptions. Successful social recruiting builds a following of passive and active candidates, it helps sell what you do but more importantly why you do it. (Checkout Simon Sinek Ted Talk: Start with why?,

Common recruitment website mistakes | Recruitment Tips

Common recruitment website mistakes Whether you recruit in-house or are agency based it is important your company website makes the right impression. A poorly designed and unmaintained website can cost you vital clients and put off potential candidates. The design style, tone of voice and content will vary across different sectors however it

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Got a spare 90 seconds? Take a look at the new HRS video to find out how we can help you find, engage and place more candidates. HRS, recruitment software for recruitment professionals. Manage the entire recruitment workflow from single, powerfully integrated system. With features including intelligent CV parsing, powerful Boolean search,

Are you ready for Google’s mobile algorithm change?

Are you ready for Google’s mobile algorithm change? With mobile Internet usage exceeding PC usage Google is taking steps to improve users mobile experience online. On April 21st Google will be rolling out a major change to their search algorithm. The use of ‘Mobile-friendliness’ as a ranking signal will be increased

How to create an ‘all-star’ LinkedIn profile

How to create an ‘all-star’ LinkedIn profile In today’s market LinkedIn is often one of the first forms of contact between a recruiter and a candidate. Whether you complete regular outreach or use your profile as a form of inbound lead generation it is important you optimise your presence to make

The 2015 Recruitment Hashtag Calendar

The 2015 Recruitment Hashtag Calendar The Recruitment Hashtag Calendar, updated for 2015. Maximise your social media reach. Find, connect and engage more candidates. (Free download: Recruitment Hashtag calendar) A great way to find and connect with potential candidates is to get involved in hashtag conversations. HRS have complied a list of active

2015 Recruitment website essentials

2015 Recruitment website essentials Often the first point of call for potential candidates your company website can leave a lasting impression. A successful website should showcase what you do, what you are about and drive applications / registrations / engagement. Various elements come together to create a great recruitment website

Improve your Gmail open rates

Improve your Gmail open rates Noticed a reduction in your open and click through rates for emails sent over the last year? When Google rolled out changes to the way emails were filtered recruitment professionals with a large number of Gmail recipients noticed a significant drop off. The introduction of category tabs

5 Social media mistakes to avoid

5 Social media mistakes to avoid As we all know using social media is one of the key areas to develop in growing your online profile and making people aware of your brand. When done correctly social media can work wonders for your agency, done poorly and it could spell goodbye

Top 5 LinkedIn groups for recruitment professionals

Top 5 LinkedIn groups for recruitment professionals We all know LinkedIn is used widely by recruiters to source and find new and potential candidates, however it is also goldmine of information and discussions from like-minded recruitment professionals. LinkedIn groups are a great way to keep up to date with industry

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