Free download: Guide Social Media Policy

Free download: Guide Social Media Policy How many candidates do you source through social networks? How many of your consultants have a Twitter/ Facebook/ LinkedIn account? Even the few companies that have not yet engaged in social via corporate profiles are likely to be referenced by an employee somewhere online.

Recruitment terms explained | Recruitment Terminology Dictionary

Recruitment terms explained Updated: 21st Jan 2017. Whether you’re new to the world of recruitment or just want to brush up on the industry lingo, the Recruitment Terminology Dictionary has been created to give meaning to those industry-specific phrases. We have split the content into 3 main sections, if you

Free tools to help to you name your recruitment start-up

Free tools to help to you name your recruitment start-up Going it alone or setting up a new business with some trusted partners? One of the biggest decisions you will make early on in the recruitment start-up journey is your company’s name. In this blog we share with you three free tools to

Social recruiting – Image size guide

Social recruiting – Image size guide Using social media to find, connect and engage candidates? Make sure your professional profiles are branded properly. Use the social media image size guide to help create a powerful, memorable social brand. Add the page to your favourites and check back regularly as more social networks

The 2015 Recruitment CRM Checklist

The 2015 Recruitment CRM Checklist In the market for a recruitment database? Download your copy of the CRM Recruitment Checklist or use the online version below to quickly evaluate available systems. If you have any more criteria to add leave comment, drop an email to or connect via social media. Make

How to create an ‘all-star’ LinkedIn profile

How to create an ‘all-star’ LinkedIn profile In today’s market LinkedIn is often one of the first forms of contact between a recruiter and a candidate. Whether you complete regular outreach or use your profile as a form of inbound lead generation it is important you optimise your presence to make

The 2015 Recruitment Hashtag Calendar

The 2015 Recruitment Hashtag Calendar The Recruitment Hashtag Calendar, updated for 2015. Maximise your social media reach. Find, connect and engage more candidates. (Free download: Recruitment Hashtag calendar) A great way to find and connect with potential candidates is to get involved in hashtag conversations. HRS have complied a list of active

2015 Recruitment website essentials

2015 Recruitment website essentials Often the first point of call for potential candidates your company website can leave a lasting impression. A successful website should showcase what you do, what you are about and drive applications / registrations / engagement. Various elements come together to create a great recruitment website

The Recruitment Software Dictionary

The Recruitment Software Dictionary Whether you are actively looking for a new system or just want to see how solutions have progressed, the recruitment software dictionary has been created to help clear up the technical terms and phrases associated with recruitment software. Scroll down to check out the Recruitment Software dictionary or

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