Creating candidate profiles, wasted time in recruitment

Manual data entry and repetitive admin tasks sit at the top of most recruiter’s day-to-day frustrations. In a recent survey by Hitachi Capital Invoice Finance 63% of recruiters listed their ‘worst nightmare’ as spending too much time on administrative tasks1. A problem echoed in Sales roles, as highlighted in HubSpot’s 2014-2015 State of Inbound; Sales Edition Report, with over 20% of professionals highlighting data entry as their top CRM challenge2.

According to Recruiting Intelligence an average of 1,000 individuals will view a recruiter’s job post, 200 will begin the application process, 100 will complete the process, 75 applicants will be screened out, with only 25 of the original 100 making it to the hiring managers desk3.

Numbers will obviously vary dependant on the industry, the core requirements, hiring manager’s expectations etc. but let’s work with these metrics from Recruitment Intelligence for the scenario outlined below.

Quality, up to date and accurate data is essential in successful recruitment, the best candidates to engage quickly are those already in your database. A complete and current candidate record enables placements to be made far more efficiently. With 100 CVs landing in a recruiter’s inbox for every open position a database of potential candidates for future positions can quickly be built up.

A complete candidate profile is comprised of:

  • Ÿ Name
  • Ÿ Contact details (including social media links)
  • Ÿ Current position and work history (job title, responsibilities, duration of employment etc.)
  • Ÿ Key skills
  • Ÿ Education and professional development history
  • Ÿ Positions sought (likely to be similar to the position they applied for…)
  • Ÿ Salary expectations (likely to be similar to the position they applied for…)

Essentially almost all of the information required should be present in a candidates CV / application. The challenge is efficiently transferring the 100 applicants details into your recruitment software.

Having to copy and paste 100 names, contact details, work history etc. is a simple task but a time consuming one. If it only takes 60 seconds to create each candidate record a recruiter has still spent well over an hour and a half populating the database, not an efficient use of time. Within those 100 minutes a recruitment professional could have…

A task so intrinsic to recruitment such as the creation of candidate records has to be automated… which is where CV parsing comes in; the process of breaking information (CVs / applications) down into smaller chunks so that they can be transferred to a new destination (a database).

The ability to bulk upload CVs in seconds from Word documents, PDFs and emails will increase recruitment efficiency and the morale of sales employees as one of their biggest grievances is resolved.

With HRS’s built-in CV parsing technology candidate records are created and updated as new information is parsed into the system. If there is a duplicate then our intelligent automation alerts users of candidates already in the database. This helps keep vital candidate data clean and accurate.

Once the parse has been completed you have a useful, searchable record for open and future roles. In addition to parsing technology HRS’s formatted CV creator quickly generates client ready PDFs. This keeps a consistent brand across all of the CVs you send in addition to stripping out information that could be used by unscrupulous clients/ candidates, therefore preventing backdoor placements.

To view HRS CV parsing in action simply click play on the video:

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