4 key components of social recruiting

4 key components of social recruiting Successful social recruiting is much more than bombarding potential candidates with job descriptions. Successful social recruiting builds a following of passive and active candidates, it helps sell what you do but more importantly why you do it. (Checkout Simon Sinek Ted Talk: Start with why?,

Social Recruiting | The Basics

Social recruiting basics (tips and advice) When it comes to social media there’s a lot of do’s and don’ts, blogs, videos and guides that can often confuse more than help. So instead of a guide filled with technical jargon that leaves you baffled, I’ve complied my top 5 social recruiting

How to create a great job advert

How to create a great job advert Job adverts play an important role in recruitment yet are often the most rushed, overlooked and neglected pieces of content published by recruitment professionals. Job adverts are not job descriptions. The role of a job advert is to engage prospect candidates whilst a job

Common recruitment website mistakes | Recruitment Tips

Common recruitment website mistakes Whether you recruit in-house or are agency based it is important your company website makes the right impression. A poorly designed and unmaintained website can cost you vital clients and put off potential candidates. The design style, tone of voice and content will vary across different sectors however it

HRS Pro and Broadbean

HRS Pro and Broadbean As an Official partner Broadbean’s posting, tracking and search products are fully embedded as standard within HRS Pro (no hidden fees!). Enabling access the largest global network of job boards directly from HRS allows professional recruiters to improve efficiency and significantly increase the visibility of vacancies.

Where to find top creative talent – Recruitment Tips

Where to find top creative candidates Recruit for the creative sector or currently looking to bring some top talent in-house? This blog is for you! Having worked closely with a host of great agencies and freelancers I have found that although most creatives have a LinkedIn profile a large number aren’t

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