HRS Software Update | Social Sourcer, Scheduler and more

We are excited to announce the latest update to HRS Connect. This release with a host of features and improvements was officially launched at the UK Recruiter Technology Showcase on the 8th of October, existing Cloud customers can expect the upgrade to be rolled out in the coming weeks. See below for a quick introduction to the latest features:


New Features:

HRS Social Sourcer
Social networks and recruitment go hand in hand as they are both about connecting people and building relationships. Utilise the HRS Social Sourcer to find candidates across major online platforms including and beyond the leading social networks. Speak to one of the HRS sales team today for more details. Users that sign up before 2016 get the first month of Social Sourcer for free.


MailChimp Integration
One of the biggest providers of bulk emailing services is now integrated within HRS. This provides users the ability to create campaigns, mailing lists and email content directly from HRS. You can also run reports to optimise the effectiveness of your campaigns. Build targeted campaigns to maximise the impact of your recruitment emails.


Social Media Scheduler
Access Hootsuite directly from your HRS system. Manage your social networks, schedule messages, engage candidates and optimise social media performance. Utilise links from Tiro job board to get your open jobs in front of the right candidates.


Follow up ‘To Dos’ on emails and workflow events
We know that recruitment can be a high pressure, fast paced environment. Need to remember to do something? No problem. With HRS you can create a follow up action on each communication as well as on recruitment workflow events.


Calendar Connectivity
You can now link contacts and candidates in HRS to calendar events, ensuring candidates and contacts to be kept up to date.

In addition to event connectivity HRS will now push events from the HRS calendar to your local calendar app. This means you can keep track of important events in your main calendar. For details on specific Outlook versions or for more information arrange a call back with a member of the HRS team.


Duplicate Management
Merge and resolve any duplicates in your Contacts and Candidates to ensure your data is kept clean and accurate.


Speculative CV Send
Send and track speculative CV sends, and convert to jobs in a few simple steps.


Quick Send Email
Write an email to anyone in the system from any area of HRS. Simply find the contacts, add a template and attachment.


CV Text Highlight
Short on time? With HRS you can utilise CV text highlight to identify if and how many times a specific word occurs within a candidate CV.


Workflow filtering
Filter your workflow to show certain activities or candidates.


Skype Integration
Populate Skype details for candidates and clients to quickly and simply initiate a Skype call or chat from HRS.



  • Hover-over main navigation drop-down menu.
  • Improved Tiro job board presentation. The latest update includes space for your own advertising artwork and links to other pages.
  • Search Key can be copied from list views and pasted into the search to return a set list of contact and candidate records.

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