Web based recruitment software for apple macs in the cloud

From the very beginning It was important to us to make sure our online recruitment software application, whether it was delivered via the cloud, through the internet, a browser or simply as a client server, had to be compatible with Apple Macs.

So many products in the market claim to be compatible with Macs, or claim to work on Macs, but like many cases in life this just isn’t true. Although said products do run on Macs, they have to use additional applications to enable this process, which not only slows down the performance but means that it isn’t running natively on the operating system which again can cause complications.

Both our SaaS and client server software and all our future products, run natively on the Apple Mac platform. All our product range has been designed to run natively on both Macs and PCs without compromise.

It’s not just that we think Macs are cool or better or faster, it’s simply that there is a growing Mac community using all of Apple’s products, from MacBooks through iPads to iPhones. Our product works on all those platforms. And because we want everyone to have the same experience with HRS our ‘Web Based SaaS Recruitment’ not only runs natively on Apple Macs & PCs, it also runs on Android.

For more info on our fully compatible Apple recruitment software see our dedicated Apple recruitment software page.

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